A boutique, beach-centric collection

True Ocean's Coastal Collection is made from premium, natural ingredients, such as: aloe, sea salts, and cucumber extracts.

Skin loving butters and oils include: coconut, almond, shea, and avocado.

Sourced, blended, and produced with a special dedication to the seaside lifestyler.

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  • True Ocean Coastal sea salt body spray

    Body Spray

    Fine fragrance mist, providing a light, beach day scent.

  • Mineral Lotion

    Daily moisturizer, created from seawater, aloe, & shea butter.

  • Pillow Mist

    Sleep enhancer through ocean scented aromatherapy.

  • Sea Salt Bath

    Mineral bath crystals with fresh coastal scents.

  • Salt Scrub

    Exfoliate and moisturize with natural sea salts, almond & coconut oils.

  • Seacandle

    Coastal breeze scented candle infused with ocean water & sea salts.

  • Beach Hair

    Texturizing sea salt spray for a wavy, beachy look.

  • Seasoap

    Natural, hydrating cleanser with ocean water base.

  • Face Spritz

    Mineral boosting, nourishing mist to refresh and revitalize.

  • Foaming Mineral Bath

    Relieve tensions, nourish and condition skin with sea salts in a warm bath.

  • Eau De Parfum

    Our signature Coastal fragrance as a beach day perfume.


Ocean Derived & Mineral Rich

Lush with minerals, seawater is known to exfoliate, absorb undesired oils, and rejuvenate the mind and body.

True Ocean is the only company in the world with a fragrance & body collection built on the "made from seawater" platform.

- Gift Sets -

  • Sail Away - Gift Set

    Includes: Mineral Lotion, Face Spritz, and Beach Hair, plus attractive, burlap & fish net packaging.

  • Island Bliss - Gift Set

    Includes: Body Spray, Pillow Mist, and Mineral Lotion, plus attractive, burlap & fish net packaging.


Made from Purified Seawater

True Ocean merchandise originates from one primary ingredient: water harvested from the oceans of the world. Seawater is known to soothe and revitalize, while offering that extra, fresh mineral boost.

A perfect collection.